© Yves Leboucher

Created under the impulse of César Carcopino, the Ensemble Acouphène group together musicians caring about an iconoclast musical repertoire of the 20th century as well as today’s music and premieres.

With its variable geometry, the ensemble of 13 musicians plays exclusively without conductor. From its debut in 2009, the ensemble played in several venues, in the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris Modern Art Museum, in Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt’s conservatories…

The ensemble plays regularly new repertoires, always with the wish of making composers of the last century to meet new personalities, in order to face different periods with improbables instrumentations.


Benjamin De La Fuente  : Ouest - soundcloud

Morenn Nedellec : Clarinets, César Carcopino : drums and vibraphone, Khoa-Vu Nguyen : violin, Matthias Leboucher : piano and Fender Rhodes.

Paul Hindemith  :  Kammermusik no.1 - 4th mouvement

Mauricio Kagel : Osten

Entrelacs — Yan Maresz

Living Room Music (1) — John Cage

Dead Elvis — Michael Daugherty

Répertoire (non-exhaustive list) :


Lucciano Berio : Musica leggera (flute, alto, violoncelle et tambourin)

John Cage : Living room music (4 musiciens)

Michael Daugherty : Dead Elvis (basson solo et ensemble)

Benjamin De La Fuente : Ouest (Piano et Fender Rhodes, clarinette, batterie et violon amplifié)

Benjamin De La Fuente : Freewheel (basse électrique, 2 clarinettes, 2 grosses caisses) Création au théâtre du Châtelet

Paul Hindemith : Kammermusik no.1 (ensemble)

Mauricio Kagel : Osten (ensemble)

Matthias Leboucher : Mouvement (piano à 4 mains et vibraphone)

François-Bernard Mâche : Figures (clarinette et vibraphone)

Bruno Mantovani : haunted nights (piano, clarinette et vibraphone)

Yan Maresz : Entrelacs (ensemble)

Bohuslav Martinu : Quatuor H. 139 (clarinette, cor, violoncelle et caisse claire)

Igor Stravinsky : l'Histoire du soldat (ensemble)

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Tierkreis (ensemble variable)

Hector Villa-Lobos : Bachianas Brasileiras no.6 (flûte et basson)