« Butcher & Stone » is a meeting between two different musical universes, jazz and contemporary music.

Arthur PIERRE and Matthias LEBOUCHER, alias « Stone » and « Butcher », know each other for a long time. Along their learning, they both approached several styles and environments, in order to complete their musical personalities.

For Stone it will be the sense of the melodic jazz guitar combined to the rock energy, for Butcher the subtle mixture of piano playing  with the new technics of music composition.

They meet today in order to create a kind UFO sound, freed from styles contraints, where the instant inspiration and the listening are the only rule. The music aim to be rude and without concessions, as a opened window on two worlds, two instruments, two humans.

A first disc had been recorded on the 21th of december 2012, the announced day of apocalypse. We are still here !



Ballade à Bugarach

Where are you bunny

© Christelle Bolmio

Mail order sailling

© Yves Leboucher

© pierre.darmangeat@orange.fr